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Well Child Exam Services

Promote your child’s long-term health by scheduling regular well-child exams. At the Center for Advanced Pediatrics, experienced pediatricians check your child’s growth, nutrition, and disease risk during these well-child exams. Call the office in Norwalk or Darien, Connecticut, today or reach out online to get your child’s health care updated on their well-child exam schedule.

Well Child Exam Q & A

What is a well-child exam?

A well-child exam is an opportunity for the doctor to gauge your child’s health when they’re not sick or injured. These exams are the cornerstone of preventive care.

Your child’s doctor uses a well-child exam to thoroughly evaluate your child’s health and growth. They can catch potential health problems before they worsen and cause severe complications.

When should I schedule a well-child exam?

Well-child exams are done frequently in infancy and the toddler years but taper off as your child reaches school age.


The Center for Advanced Pediatrics team recommends you schedule wellness visits when your child is the following ages:


  • Two to five days
  • One month
  • Two months
  • Four months
  • Six months
  • Nine months
  • One year
  • 15 months
  • 18 months
  • Two years
  • 30 months


Once your child reaches three, they can switch to yearly well-child exam visits.

What is involved in a well-child exam?

Well-child exams help you and your pediatrician make informed choices about your child’s health. A well-child exam can include:

Hearing and vision screening


It’s not always apparent that your child has hearing or vision problems. Hearing and vision screenings are a standard part of a well-child exam.

Growth and development

Your pediatrician checks your child’s growth and development and compares it to the generally acceptable range for their age. It can help you know if your child needs extra support.


Get the recommendations and support you need to make sure your child’s diet is nutritionally sound and supportive of their internal and external growth.


If your child has any vaccines due, they are administered at their well-child exam.

Chronic disease evaluation

A well-child exam includes screenings for possible chronic diseases like asthma and diabetes. When these diseases are caught early, treatment is much more successful.

Mental health

A well-child visit is an excellent time to assess your child’s behavior and mental wellness. Your provider asks specific questions to help you be more aware of unusual or concerning behaviors.

If your child is due for a well-child exam, call the Center for Advanced Pediatrics to schedule your appointment. You can also use this website to book your visit online.