Pre-Adoption Services

Some parents choose to come in for a pre-adoption visit (highly recommended if possible) to review medical records and gain knowledge on expectations during their travel to bring home their new child who is often not an infant.

Babies born in the US will arrive with similar paperwork we see from our own local hospitals. These babies need to be seen the same day they arrive home if possible or the following day.

Pre-Adoption Services

Babies born internationally require special attention. Parents usually know in advance of these adoptions but occasionally there are immediate adoptions that are unplanned.

Many of these children will have special medical needs that may require immediate attention upon arrival.

Often parents adopting are nervous and have had little or no time to prepare themselves for their new arrival. We are here to help them through the process and provide support.


Both Pre and Post-adoption visits are a one-hour appointment. To schedule an appointment, call 203-229-2000


Pre-Adoption Visits/Consultations are treated as an office visit and the co-pay is expected at the time of the visit.