The same trusted and convenient care that you love in our offices, now provided in your home or just about anywhere!

NOTICE: Please make sure your app is updated before logging in for a telehealth visit. 

What is telemedicine?
Telemedicine allows healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients from anywhere using smartphones, tablets or computers. A televisit is an appointment using these technologies.

Why are Advanced Pediatrics’ televisits different?
Advanced Pediatrics hosts this service partnered with the Anytime Pediatrics platform. Unlike other telemedicine services, with Advanced Pediatrics, your family is connected to your very own health care professionals and your child’s records.

What is a “Tele-Bag” and how does it help us perform a Televisit?
A “tele-bag” contains equipment that allows us to be as clinically accurate as possible during a telemedicine visit. The equipment allows us to view the ears, nose and throat, and check vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure and the oxygen in the blood. Your bag also includes helpful information like medication dosing, injury prevention and first aid information!

How can I register to use telemedicine services?
You must be registered before we can schedule a televisit.
1) Purchase a tele-bag from Advanced Pediatrics.
2) Download the Anytime Pediatrics app to your mobile device by clicking the iOS or Android icon below – or click the orange “Telemed” button below.
3) Register your family by using Practice Code 2000.

How do I schedule a televisit?
After you’ve complete the steps above, call 203-229-2000 to schedule your televisit.

Most Insurances Accepted




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