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Sick Visits Services

You can’t plan a convenient time for your child to get sick. Sick visits to the Center for Advanced Pediatrics provide immediate care to relieve their symptoms, bring them back to health quickly, and ease your mind. Call the office in Norwalk or Darien, Connecticut, today or use the online tool to book a sick visit with the experts at the Center for Advanced Pediatrics.

Sick Visits Q & A

What is a sick visit?

Schedule a sick visit if your child has symptoms and can’t wait days or weeks for an appointment. During this appointment, your pediatrician diagnoses and treats your child’s condition so that they get the care needed to feel like themselves again. A sick visit doesn’t include attention to other general health concerns or lifestyles.

When should I schedule a sick child visit?

Children are vulnerable to illness because their immune systems aren’t fully developed. They’re also exposed to germs at school, during playtime, or at daycare. Sick visits may also be necessary if your child has a flare-up of allergies or another chronic condition.

You usually make a sick visit for one of these common conditions:

Ear, eye, or throat infections

Bacterial infections of the eyes, ears, or throat (strep) are uncomfortable and contagious. Prompt treatment means quick relief and less likelihood of an outbreak in the house or among their peers.


Viruses, like the common cold or flu, transmit easily from child to child. Stomach viruses are also quite contagious and can cause nausea, vomiting, and dehydration.


If your child has asthma, flare-ups cause their airways to narrow, making breathing difficult. An asthma flare-up can limit your child’s activities and even be life-threatening.


Schedule a sick visit if your child has a high fever, chills, or seems listless and unwell. You want your child to start feeling better quickly and avoid spreading illness to other people.

What happens during a sick visit?

A sick visit usually lasts about 30 minutes. Your pediatrician reviews your child’s health history and current symptoms during this appointment. They might ask whether other family members or playmates are sick to help them come to a diagnosis.

Your pediatrician can prescribe antibiotics for a bacterial infection. They can also recommend how to care for your child at home to help ease their symptoms. In some cases, they’ll order additional tests and screenings to rule out severe complications.

If your child is under the weather, contact the Center for Advanced Pediatrics to get them prompt care today. Call one of the offices or use this website to book online.