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Sports Physicals Services

If your child is starting a new sport or new sports season, they’ll need a physical to ensure that they’re healthy to take on the rigors of practice and play. The experienced pediatric team at the Center for Advanced Pediatrics in Norwalk and Darien, Connecticut, provides sports physicals to certify your child’s health. Schedule your child’s sports physical today by calling the office nearest you or using this website to book online. 

Sports Physicals Q & A

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is a thorough exam that ensures your child is healthy enough to take on the demands of a particular sport. It eases your mind to know your child is healthy enough to play. Teams, schools, and sponsoring organizations often require these physicals to ensure their players aren’t at risk of avoidable injuries or medical complications.

During a sports physical, your pediatrician checks your child’s general health, including reflexes, hearing, and vision. They’ll screen for any underlying conditions, like asthma, diabetes, or heart problems that can limit or block your child’s ability to play.

These conditions don’t necessarily mean your child can’t participate. But they do help you and their coaches know how to manage their activity and potential reactions to physical exertion.

A sports physical can double as an annual school physical if your child’s school requires one for enrollment.

What happens during a sports exam?

During a sports exam, your provider reviews your child’s and family’s medical histories. They’ll want to know about any past serious illnesses or injuries. Also, you should let the doctor know if your child is on any medications or has any allergies.

The physical exam usually involves gathering your child’s vitals height, weight, and blood pressure. Your child’s Center for Advanced Pediatrics doctor listens to your child’s heart and lungs, feels their abdomen, and examines their eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. 

Your child’s provider could order additional screenings like blood tests or urinalysis, depending on what they find during the early parts of the exam.

Your child’s provider might also recommend activity restrictions or considerations and do muscle testing to look for imbalances that could lead to injury.

What should my child bring to their sports exam?

Bring as much information as possible to your child’s sports exam to make the visit go smoothly and hassle-free.

Any of the following can be helpful:

  • Past medical and immunization records
  • List of known allergies
  • Medication and dosage instructions
  • Any forms your doctor must sign
  • Insurance details

If you have specific questions, write them down before your visit so that you don’t forget to cover important points.

Call the Center for Advanced Pediatrics today to set up your child’s sports physical or use this website to book online.