School and Sports Physicals

School and Sports Physicals

We are frequently asked to do sports physicals and complete a medical clearance form for students who participate in scholastic programs, community leagues and scouting. These “sports physicals” do not replace the recommended annual physical. The annual well-child physical allows us the opportunity to discuss all aspects of your child’s health; nutrition, peer pressure, school, behavior, mood and the use of alcohol, drugs and safety issues relevant to their activities such as driving, sex, and social media.

As your children get older they may be required to have these physicals be current for the entire school year so therefore need to be after a certain calendar date. Please check with your child’s school for this information. We have no control over each town or city policy related to these exams.

If your child’s well exam was performed prior to this date they will need to come back to the office for an update. We cannot perform an evaluation form if we have not seen your child after the required school date. Some health plans may not provide payment for these updates so please check with your insurance and school district when scheduling these visits.

If you have any questions related to this or need to schedule a visit, call 203-229-2000.