Baby Basics: Parenting Classes

Babies don’t come with instructions…Until Now.

Baby Basics I & II: COMPLIMENTARY Prenatal Parenting Education


Baby Basics I

This class covers what to expect in those first days and weeks as a new parent. The class introduces expectant parents to our practice and policies as well as gives a tour of our offices, meet some of our pediatricians, explain how we work with the hospitals after delivery, and answer any questions. The Pediatrician goes over what to expect the first few days of your baby’s life. Preregistration for the practice is also available if you wish. Our Pediatricians rotate each month teaching this class.

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Baby Basics II

This class includes prenatal breastfeeding education for the pregnant couple. It includes hands-on practice with latching, do’s & don’ts to get breastfeeding off to a great start, films and much more. Taught each month by theTiny Tummies Breastfeeding Support lactation specialists.

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