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Pre-Adoption Services

Whether you’re bringing home a newborn or an adolescent, a pre-adoption visit can help you prepare for the new child in your life. The experienced pediatricians at the Center for Advanced Pediatrics offer a variety of pre-adoption services to prospective parents and their families. Call the Center for Advanced Pediatrics office in Norwalk or Darien, Connecticut, today or go online to schedule a pre-adoption visit.

Pre-Adoption Q & A

What is a pre-adoption visit?

When you adopt a child, understanding their medical needs is essential to supporting their growth and development. The Center for Advanced Pediatrics is a private practice that specializes in pre-adoption preparation.

Soon-to-be adoptive parents often schedule a pre-adoption visit to review their child’s medical records. This visit helps you prepare for any special medical needs your child might have. It also allows you to familiarize yourself with your child’s background with support and guidance from a team of pediatric professionals.

Whether you’re adopting a newborn, infant, or teen, the Center for Advanced Pediatrics team can help you plan for your family’s new addition. The team often sees parents who are adopting domestically and internationally, so they can help you navigate any pre-adoption paperwork you might have.

Why would I need a pre-adoption visit?

The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly encourages soon-to-be adoptive parents to schedule a pre-adoptive visit, medical history review, and physical exam as soon as possible for domestic and international adoptions.

Infants adopted in the United States need to see a qualified pediatrician within one day of meeting their new families. Babies adopted internationally should visit right away. The pediatricians at the Center for Advanced Pediatrics prioritize these visits. Children adopted abroad often have special medical needs that require prompt care.

The team understands that not every parent has the time to prepare for their adoption. While most adoptions are planned, others are sudden and immediate. Scheduling a pre-adoptive visit allows the team to guide you through your expectations and enables you to ask any questions you have.

What can I expect from a pre-adoption visit?

Pre- and post-adoption visits are one-hour appointments between you and your family’s pediatrician. Whether you’re adopting domestically or internationally, you should bring any documentation you have to your visit. The Center for Advanced Pediatrics team should have access to your child’s medical records to adjust their care plan.

This visit serves as an opportunity for you to ask questions and seek guidance from an experienced pediatrician. Before you leave, the team must schedule your child’s first physical exam to determine if you need any special medical attention.

Call the Center for Advanced Pediatrics today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about pre-adoption services.