Family Travel Medicine

Family Travel Medicine

Important Message About Travel Visits and Advice:

Please note all travel visits must be at least 6 weeks in advance of the trip if you are traveling to the following areas of the world or any country where you will be staying longer than a week or months at a time and/or studying abroad!

  • ASIA


We must adhere to this strict policy due to the fact that these travelers are considered “High-Risk Travelers” and require complex advice as well as vaccines that must be given either well in advance (usually > 30 days) or in multiple dosings prior to travel to be effective.

In addition, we do not give advice about travel over the portal or phone, you MUST make a travel visit. Please be respectful of the many complications of world travel currently and protect you and your family by making an appointment to come in and thoroughly discuss your trip and the implications for your PERSONAL health and family situation and travel plans. This cannot be done safely over the phone or in a portal message.

Click here to download your Travel Medicine forms before your visit!

Family Travel Medicine

Family Travel Medicine is a one-stop travel medicine clinic for travelers age 6 weeks to 100 years. We are a group of pediatricians, physicians, and nurses specializing in all your travel health needs. We carry all the travel immunizations necessary to protect you and your family on your vacation, safari, mission trip, study abroad, business trip, or intercountry adoption.

In addition to vaccines, we are here to educate you on the potential health dangers and risks of your unique travels. We are distinct in our ability to advise all ages and medical conditions.

A consultation takes 30-45 minutes and will be specific for your travel plans. We will advise and provide any needed immunizations, medications to make you and your family safe while on your trip, including antimalarial and anti-diarrheal medications and country/region specific traveling health tips and lists.

All patients seeking travel consults, if not a patient of our practice, especially adults over 18, must provide a copy of their immunization record at least one week prior to their scheduled appointment; if their current physician does not have a copy of their vaccine record, please check all past medical records including past college, military, or former physician records. Patients who have no copy of their vaccine record may be asked to take a blood test to determine their immunity status to diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox. This blood test may or may not be covered by the insurance, and it is recommended they check with their carrier prior to the visit to avoid any confusion.

Also, patients who do not complete the required travel forms AT LEAST 24 hours prior to their scheduled visit may have to be re-scheduled for a later appointment date.

It is requested that all travel visits be scheduled at least 6 weeks prior to the planned trip so to ensure adequate time for vaccination to be effective and provide protection.

We happily see patients over 18 years of age, but please note that the submittal to insurance will be the responsibility of the patient and that the cost of the visit is due at time of service. Note that some of the vaccine required for travel (yellow fever, typhoid, and others) are NOT REIMBURSABLE BY MOST INSURANCE COMPANIES, and must be paid for at the time of the visit. As every insurance plan and carrier are different, please consult with your specific plan prior to making an appointment.

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