Young Adults (YAP@CAP)

Young Adults (YAP@CAP)

We are excited to introduce our new Young Adult Program (YAP @ CAP). Young adults aged 18 – 26 are encouraged to schedule a yearly physical. Though you may think your child might feel uncomfortable going to his/her “baby doctor, it has been our experience that the transition to the young adult visits which are different from their adolescent visits, is much easier in a familiar and friendly environment. If your young adult feels comfortable it creates a greater chance of him/her wanting to continue preventative health care throughout their young adult years. Our YAP @ CAP program allows your young adult to continue in our trusted care while moving towards more independence.

During their physicals, we will work with young adults to help them take more responsibility for their medical care. This is especially important for young adults with chronic medical conditions and/or those living away from home. We will also address health care concerns that may be more common in young adults than children, including high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, drug abuse, and sexual health. And when the time comes, we will personally refer your son or daughter to an internist to continue their care.

The Young Adult years are a wonderful time of growing independence and self- discovery. They can also be a time of questioning and exploring. We’ve listed a few sites below to help you help them navigate through these formidable years.

To schedule your Young Adult’s yearly physical call 203-229-2000 or

Schedule Future Appointment online

What You Need To Know As Your Child Becomes A Legal Adult


Drugs and Alcohol:

Above the Influence – The goal is to help teens stand up to negative pressures, or influences. The more aware they are of the influences around them, the better prepared they will be to face them, including the pressure to use drugs, pills, and alcohol.

Bubble Monkey – Anonymous, accurate information on drugs

SADD Contract for Life

Teen Health & Sex:

Teens Health

The National Campaign

Planned Parenthood Info for Teens

Teens Health

E-Health for Teens

The Center for Women’s Health – Information on nutrition & fitness, puberty, mental health, alcohol & drugs, sex and safety.

College Planning:

NextStepU – Produce college, career and life planning publications for life after high school. The market is teens, counselors and parents.

Quintessential Careers – Here’s where you’ll find the key resources you need about college choice, majors/minors, financial aid, college applications, job searching tools and much more.


Do Something – Encourages young people to create their own vision for making a difference in their community and provides them with the resources and support needed.

Ignitus Worldwide – Our mission is simple: To organize and support a youth-led movement that promotes civic engagement throughout the world.