Community Speakers

Does your community event need a professional speaker? The Center for Advanced Pediatrics has many expert pediatric specialists in all areas of infant, child, adolescent and young adult medicine that can enhance your community programs!

Contact Angela Murphy for more information: amurphy@tcfap.com

Example of some of the areas we have experts in:

• Breastfeeding/Lactation

• Baby Care

• Concussion/Head Injury

• Mental Health (normal and abnormal)

• Pediatric Behavior

• Sleep Issues

• Developmental Pediatrics (ADHD, Autism, Children with Chronic medical problems)

• Asthma

• Family Travel Medicine

• Diabetes

• Nutrition

• Weight Issues

• Endocrine/Hormonal diseases

• Pediatric Safety, including Car Seat Installation and Purchase Guidance

• Young Adult Medicine

• Stress Management for Teenagers